Best Way to Contact us

Many customers asked this same question – How do I contact you?

In short, the best way is email.

Where ?

Our contact email address is listed in the dispatch email we sent to you, under the section of ‘Best way to contact us’.

Why no contact on Web ?

Why there are no phone number or email address on your bloody website?

  • Our human resource is limited.
  • If we have to choose, we tend to serve our existing customers better and provide them with high quality services.
  • Pre-sales consultation is not efficient since most answers can be found on our website, regarding
    – flavour availability,
    – discounts (add a few products to the cart and you’ll know),
    – estimated delivery time (in the shipping option when checking out),
  • If you need re-assurance for genuine products and speedy delivery, please refer to our review section.
  • Review function is provided by a 3rd party. Reviews are all real and they are in real-time.

53 thoughts on “Best Way to Contact us”

          1. The factory has been focusing on the new series for a long time.
            The BAR series has been very popular and there are 4000 puffs Legend out of RND and coming soon.

            Technically we can get some stock of Mega from other sources but they might be old stock or counterfeits.
            We don’t want to risk our customers health for that. So, for now we won’t restock them until one day the factory tells us they have Mega stock. We are not sure when.
            Try the Gunnpod, Lauren. Some say the Mega is a bit like Gunnpod.

      1. Bulk yes. But if you pick 10 x single vapes in different flavours you get the same price as bulk with the help of our bulk discount.
        put some vapes in the cart and you’ll know.

    1. Hi Gubi,

      There is no minimum order for wholesale section. It’s just the more you put in the cart, the more discounts you’ll get.
      Try to add a few to the cart and play around. You’ll see.

    1. Hi Hase,

      Our stock is real-time updated. We experienced some quality issues with that brand and haven’t restocked them for quite a while. Currently we don’t have them. You can check our stock availability by browsing our shop. Have a nice day.

      1. Hi your site says you have stock of Apple Crush but there is a photo of Apple Peach, so just wondering before I order that it is actually Apple crush

    1. Hi Zoe,

      Thanks for leaving the comment. I just checked and found your email address on the order matched with this one.
      Our automatic emails sent to you are probably in your junk box now.
      If the email address you left on the order was incorrect, you’ll still get your parcel but it just takes a bit of luck to guess the 10+ digits of the tracking numbers :-p

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for leaving a comment.
      We were trying to get more customers to take advantage of our discounts for multiple vape purchases.
      Buying 1 vape and paying for our super fast delivery will make our price seem less completive.

  1. I’ve ordered and pid 250 $ and they canceled my order without any reason and my money was wasted i try to contact on their email but no one reply me after payment.

  2. I ordered for 217$ hqd box and it deducted from my bank and now it showing that your order was canceled and no one is replying me on the mail that I received under the confirmation of order
    Am i lost my money or what??
    My order no – 53926

      1. Sorry for my comment actually i hot mail from your side that it was system mistake and i got my parcel in my hand thank you guys it’s fast just a website and system issues all other services are best thank you and I’m gone place other order in future with you thank you.
        Can tou please send me some coupons so i can use on my next order

  3. Hello!

    I just placed an order – order number #59004, and have just realised that I put the wrong unit number.. I put unit 6, but it is actually unit 4. If possible, could please fix it for me? Sorry for inconvenience


  4. Hi team,

    Trying to order the 20x bundle for Lush Ice 3500 Gunnpod and I put 20 in and then click ‘Add to cart’ but just comes back with ‘Please select at least one product before adding to cart’.

    Could you please help?

    1. Hi Liam,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I have just done a test and found the web page is working. But the stock quantity of Lush Ice is 13. You can choose 13 x Lush Ice and 7 other flavours.

      Gunnpod WAVE 3500 puffs – Cola Ice
      Availability: In stock

      Gunnpod WAVE 3500 puffs – Lush Ice
      Availability: Only 13 left in stock

    1. Hi Tricia,

      Thanks for leaving the comment. Sorry we don’t have a pickup facility. If you are worrying about the parcel may get stolen when left near your front door, you can use a post office address as shipping address and pickup the parcel there. Or there are other good options to get your parcels securely, e.g. Parcel Collect or Parcel Locker services. They both are free to use.

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