The 1 Oct Vape Ban Explained


The 1 Oct Vape Ban (TAG) is causing a great deal of concerns. Recently we have many customers asking about the same question. What will happen after 1 Oct? Well the short answer is nothing.

From 1 Oct 2021, one need a doctor’s prescription to import vapes from overseas. That’s too bad. However, at Vape DFO we got our customers covered. As a strategic partner of IGET, HQD, JS Vapes and Xcelencia Vapes (Gunnpod), we have access to their local dedicated channels.

Our customers only receive domestic parcels, which even do not show our names on it. So rest assured, you are not importing and the 1 Oct Vape Ban will not affect you when shopping with us.

If you still have questions. Please reply to our automatic emails sent to you. We never let any customer down and they love our customer service. Check out our reviews –>

We aim to keep as many clearer lungs as possible on this land. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just google or search YouTube with keywords like vaping, vs smoking, test, lung, etc, and do your own researches.

This is just one of the videos:

Read more:

Our goal is to constantly provide Australian customers with our timely delivery services with best prices. This also helps to eliminate your risk of getting counterfeit products if purchased elsewhere.

We are always open to meet our customers’ need.

At Vape DFO we understand how hard it is to quit smoking. We are also aware that vaping is a relative new trend amount smokers. Many tests and studies carried out by the universities shows there are less damage to the lung if you vape instead of smoke. The ultimate result is yet to be announced because there are still many debates going on.

We are doing our very best to ensure that nicotine products are not sold to underaged minors.

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  1. Need help. i am trying to finalise my order but it keeps telling me i need to have a first name in the order and it already does. Please contact me asap thanks

      1. Good afternoon. I am trying to place an order but when I hit the “place order” tag it returns to the top of the page and says that my email does not match. I have made orders before and have checked that my email is correct many times. Can you help please

  2. Hi,

    My order is saying “payment pending” – does it take a few hours/days to process payment? There is no issue with my Credit Card.


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